Adrian's Aeneid Test Page

This is another game test. It needs the QuickTime plug-in for the movie to play. I can hear myself that my articulation and accenting in the recording are flawed. Nevertheless, I'm using this to look at streaming and playback rates, and synch issues.

I have modelled the head using photo-textures of my own head and eyes, and created an animated phoneme set that could do with refinement. I still can't drive the computer's inbuilt speech engine from the model. Until then, I'm using a recorded track of my own voice.

hinc populum late regem belloque superbum
venturum excidio Libyae; sic volvere Parcas.
Id metuens veterisque memor Saturnia belli,
prima quod ad Troiam pro caris gesserat Argis
(necdum etiam causae irarum saevique dolores
exciderant animo; manet alta mente repostum
iudicium Paridis spretaeque iniuria formae
et genus invisum et rapti Ganymedis honores)—

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