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Name: Dairy World.

Commissioning body
: Dairy Council for Northern Ireland.

Audience: NI Schools Keystages 2 & 3.

Program description
DAIRY WORLD is a CD-ROM for schools, designed to support the Northern Ireland Key Stage 2 Curriculum. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers, it provides children with a media-rich educational tool, to make learning about the Dairy Industry
and health-related matters both fun and challenging.

The program contains more than one hour of sound, video and animation and over 200 photographs, interactive objects and panoramas. Screen text has been colour coded to make it easy to assimilate. To further motivate visitors to DAIRY WORLD, it incorporates a puzzle dimension with over two hours of game play and a facility to save and review work done.

DAIRY WORLD is suitable for both Key Stage 2 topic work and as a complementary resource for occasional study. It can be used by a single pupil or small group and requires minimal teacher supervision. It provides opportunities for knowledge, understanding and skills development in the Geography, Science and Technology, English and Mathematics programmes of study and in the cross-curricular themes of Information Technology, Health Education and Education for Mutual Understanding (EMU). Progress through the program is logged and a record can be printed of sections completed, those remaining to be done, and total time spent.

DAIRY WORLD is a groundbreaking program, filled with innovative learning features. It immerses pupils in the world of the Dairy Industry with unprecedented realism. It takes account of the more sophisticated visual awareness of children today (acquired through contact with television and computer games) and delivers a quality learning experience to excite, challenge and reward.

See the teacher notes (in PDF format).

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Platforms: Windows 98/Me/NT; Mac OS7/8/9