Bygones and Byways product image.

Name: Bygones and Byways.

Commissioning body: Markethill District Enterprises, Ltd. It was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Audience: Markethill and District general public and community groups and schools; tourists and visitors to the Old Courthouse, Markethill, and to neighbouring Gosford Demesne.

Program description
Bygones and Byways is a computerised record of the history, geography and people of Markethill and District in mid-Armagh. The program looks at settlement and heritage in the area from earliest times to the present. The main sections include:


Within each section, a variety of topics can be explored using maps, photos, recorded interviews and written descriptions.

Program features
Over 1000 photographs, each with a descriptive caption and Irish Grid coordinates where appropriate.
Hundreds of illustrations.
Over nine hours of recorded interviews on living and working in the area from early times to the present.
Information on every townland in the area provided by means of maps, photographs, spoken word and written descriptions.
Historical essays on a wide variety of topics in each section.
Interactive, large-scale historical and geographical maps of the area, including 17th-century plantation surveys and Swann's map of 1693.
The entire computerised Public Record Office Geographical Index for the parishes of the area.
The entire computerised Environment and Heritage Service Sites and Monuments Record for the local parishes.
The 1835-38 Ordnance Survey Memoirs for local parishes.
An easy-to-use interface.

Program Versions
There are three versions of the program: Touchscreen, Internet and CD-ROM.

The touchscreen version can be used at the Old Courthouse in Markethill. There are two touchscreens available in the Multimedia Suite at the Courthouse, providing a comfortable environment in which to access information, with no computer experience required.

The internet version is online at
It contains the full text of the program and a limited number of photographs and maps. It is suitable for use with screen-reader technology for visually-impaired users.

The CD-ROM version contains the full program content (all the photos, recordings, maps and text) and is designed for use in the classroom or home.
It requires:

a fast PC or MAC (800MHz at least);
at least 128MB of RAM (preferably 256MB);
QuickTime (included on the CD-ROM).

An Expanding Resource
Because it is so wide-ranging, the Bygones and Byways program was designed to allow information to be added. It is hoped to update both website and Old Courthouse touchscreen versions twice a year. If you have information you would hope to include in the program, then see our Contact Details below.

To be announced.

Platforms: Windows 98/Me/NT; Mac OS7/8/9